Monday, December 10, 2012

New Photos To come


Sorry for the delay in writting. A lot has been going on lately. Fixing up the house, playing outside, work, and more photo shoots :)

It was a combination of my personal photos (for portfolio) as well as some mermaid ones. I am promised to get the edited versions soon. I have the proofs as of right now to choose my favorties, but I had promised not to share the proofs just yet. It made sense not to share them. My photographer wants to edit them because in some wide angled shots you can see the lights in the corners or the edges of the background, which will be edited out. If I were to post them (as they are now) it would almost seem like my photographer had no skill at all, when he did! Therefore there will be a tiny delay for all you followers that want to see my pictures.

Anyways I had an amazing epiphany this morning driving into work. I was trying to concentrate on the roads (as they were slushy and icey) and all I could think of was what am I going to do with all of my junky shirts that I don't want and don't use. And my mind switched to mermaiding. I came up with some WONDERFUL ideas on what to use with old things at home as a way of recycling. I promise that once I do a trial-and-error and see how things turn out that I will show everyone and maybe do a tutorial for you too. But right now ;) It's going to stay in my "Notebook of Ideas".

I need something to do this winter for when my human boyfriend is out working and I am home alone. I have come up with  a lot of interesting ideas as well as some on Pintrest that I am going to try.

January will be my first mermaid event with kids. I am so excited :D We have talked to the pool and figured out how much it will cost to rent it and have a life guard on duty. They have agreed, and now we just need to figure out the minor details. I want to get something special for all the children that want to get pictures with me and that come to the event. I have some wonderful ideas, but all of them cost money. I am sure that I can think of something. Hence, the "Notebook of Ideas" was created. Anything to do with mermaiding, crafts, ideas, thoughts, reminders, journal entries, or my story line goes in there. I also have a seperate one just for crafts to do during the winter (some of the ideas coiencide [sp]). Its a wonderful idea to have that notebook, just to let all you mermaids know. It has come in handy at odd times. When ever I need to remember something to bring or a list of "Things to bring to an event" checklist, or even "Questions kids have asked & answers" <----VERY HANDY

Have a wonderful day, and if you are in a "winter" area, drive safe


Mermaid Adella

Monday, November 19, 2012


Unfortnuately, as most of you know, my kickstarter was unsuccessful. But! I have recently started a indigogo campagin. Please check out the link below. And if you can't give some support as far as a donation, please give your support and share the link with others that might.

I am looking to get a tail that is professionally done out of silicone (not latex as some children are allergic to it). I have an event coming up in January and I am worried that I will not get one for it. Which is fine, there will be more events  I am sure, but  I would be the happiest little mermaid if it was possible. :)

So please, take a look, donate, and/or share if all possible.

Thank you my little mer and human friends


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feet to Fins swim meet :)

Hello, last night I met with my photographer and we decided that since we are impatient and wanting to do a "meet n greet" with the local kids, we are hosting an event at the local high school pool in January 2013. We are going to charge for the kids to come in (adults are free) and they get to swim, learn, and take home gifts as well as pictures of the event. It was a collaboration between myself and my photographer Jeff and Lisa. We are certainly pround and overly excited about this. Jeff is working on the flyer right now ( i think lol) and I am going to go home after work and start working on painting so I can paint a new tail and bathing suit to match (hopefully). I want to call the "meet n greets" something catchy almost do an annual or quarterly event and call it the same thing just so kids and parents know what it is and who it is just by the title. I am looking for helpful suggestions but I really like "Feet 2 Fins" just because kids will walk in with feet but by the time they are done, they will want fins or feel like they have them. Any suggestions are welcome as long as they are appropriate for my blog and for children. That was mostly it :) I will also be starting another kickstarter soon, so keep a watchful eye open for that. This one is a little different though. I need help raising money for a professional tail. I have had to fix mine a few times now and I am hoping that it will at least hold for this event in January.
keep on swimming,

Mermaid Adella

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prayers and Wishes


Most of us know this saying/rhyme... if not

it comes from the movie "V for Vendetta"

but today it has a whole new meaning for me. My cousin's girlfriend went into the hospital yesterday because they believe that she had a stroke. Now, she turned 26 today and they believe that she has a blood clot on her brain. I feel so sad for her. Especially having to spend her birthday in a hospital and not even knowing if it is a blood clot for sure and what they can/can't do about it. My cousin is a wreck. He is so worried about losing her (they have been together for 8 years.) He wants answers, we want answers, and we all want them to be good ones. So all we can do is to pray. And I hope that any (if at all) of my followers and readers of this blog, will pray for her. Her name is Sarah.

I am also praying that my wishes come true about this event in April for me. Tomorrow night I am meeting with my photographer to discuss how much we should charge as a team. So I am just wishing that it all falls into place.

Please pray for Sarah thats all I ask

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Been Busy

Wow, what day of the week is it and what month is this?

Thats how I feel right now....

A lot has happened so far, lets see....

I got an email from the Childrens Museum and we are currently hashing out the details on a performance in April of 2013 for me to guest star in (its a "go green" campaign they are doing to teach kids about pollution and recycling)

Our new puppy is giving me a lot of trouble lately, and the boyfriend wants ANOTHER puppy...(ain't happening until this one now gets older I am telling you)

And also,

My brother asked his girl friend to marry him last Saturday :D And not only that she asked me if I would be one of her bridesmaids. She also asked if I would help her plan it (I have planned so many weddings that its like a second nature to me) And me opening my mouth I offered to make her a Wedding Planner Binder. What a project that is ! And here is a little boyfriend is going to be a groomsman and he and I are walking down the aisle together. :) My brother planned it that was because "it will give him a little practice " LMAO I love my brother.

And on top of all this, I have to choreograph a belly dance to Voodoo by Godsmack for my mom and I to do at the winterfest this year and the Spring Fling next year *head smack*

I appologize in advance if my blog is not updated as much as usual. I hope that you all will leave comments and leave me helpful suggestions or thoughts through this stressful and time filled days

Smiles and fins, smiles and fins

Mermaid Adella

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kickstarter update

Okay so as of an hour ago I am 17% funded on my kickstarter project.
I have $115 pledged out of $640. Unfortunately, I only have 15 days to go until this project is funded fully or I get nothing and I have to wait longer.

Please if you know of someone that would be willing to help out for a great cause please send them to my kickstarter page

Kickstarter is a "all-or-nothing" funding platform. Either a project is fully funded or no money is exchanged. I am working towards a goal of getting professional pictures taken of me trapt in pollution. These are pictures for activists, to show to kids what pollution can and will do, and also to build my portfolio.

I beg of you to take a look at my project and even if you are not interested, please share the link with your family, friends, or others on FB to get the word out.

There are rewards as well that will only be recieved if the project is funded. For $30+ pledge you will recieve a T-shirt that says "I helped give a mermaid her tail" They will look something like this, but not exactly:
Thank you everyone
Mermaid Adella

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Swimming Photos! And Video!

Well here they are, pictures of me swimming in my tail, along with some videos (i hope that they show up ) and these pictures and video will also be uploaded to my google+ as well so anyone can go there and view them :) happy viewing! Let me know what you think :)

Mermaid Adella

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coming Soon.....

This past friday I went to my friend's apartment complex and swam in the pool with my tail ....FOR THE FIRST TIME.!!!!!! I will say it was a wonderful experience. Although, I forgot my goggles and this is what ticked me off. Normally I would just open my eyes underwater and watch where I am going. But as soon as I walked into the pool area the chlorine just hit me square in the face like a brick. I knew that I could open my eyes but I would suffer the consequences. I then decided that while swimming I would keep my eyes closed and when doing "bubble kisses" I would have them open just so I could see where the camera was pointed....

I found out something about myself that kind of makes me a little upset and I am not sure how to over come it. When I swim in a pool, I am always leery about if I am going to hit a wall, scrape along on the bottom, or what not. Therefore when I swam with my eyes closed I freaked myself out by thinking that I would run into something so I didn't stay down as long as I could. I dont know if it was just because I was scared of running into a wall or whatever, but when I am in a lake swimming around, I can swim really far and not come up until I know that I need a breath of air....

Anyways, coming soon will be the video of me swimming in the tail. And video of me attempting to blow kisses underwater. (I say attempt because my friend basically just stuck the camera underwater and it was a guessing game on how close she was to me and if I was in the shot or not).

But I will say this.....the video she took of me swimming was amazing !!!!!!!!! I never thought my tail would look that good underwater and in motion :)

Mermaid Adella

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Okay, so I got a break this week. My full time job (apart from being a mermaid) is cut short. So I actually get a 4 day weekend. YAY FOR ME. Less money tho...hmm oh well I will take a vacation :)

And now you can find me on Gigsalad as well.
This is a great website if you need to find entertainers, band, actors, costumed characters etc. You can even book your event right through the website.

This is my gigsalad.

More later, but here's now

Mermaid Adella

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's that time again.

First of all, let me thank the 3 wonderful people that have donated money to my kickstarter. You generous people are the ones that make the world go 'round. And I hope that most of you will take a look at my kickstarter It is a great cause going to do some good. I want to show people that pollution can harm realistic and mystical things (such as mermaids). And if you don't want to, or can't, contribute a few dollars...that is ok! The most I ask of anyone is to forward my kickstarter link to friends, family, or anyone else to let the word get out that someone is trying to do good and get the word out about pollution. There are rewards too :) I will lay them out here so you can see for yourself.

$1+  hand written letter from me, Mermaid Adella, thanking you for your donation
$10+ autographed picture of me, Mermaid Adella
$20+ autographed picture from the Mermaid Against Pollution photoshoot
$30+ a custom t-shirt that says "I helped give a Mermaid her Tail" on the front and "Mermaid Adella  2012" on the back, with my photographer's website as well. Its an amazing shirt.

Now, its that time of year again....where I live at least. The weather is turning colder, which means that I have an unbearable time coming swimming out doors :o!!!!!

I mean I can swim in a pool, but hey, that chlorine hurts after a while I am telling you. But honestly I wouldn't move out of state for anything. Maybe I will have to get pictures this year of me outside in a snow bank or something (wouldn't that be a sight?? An Artic Mermaid?? HA)

Anyways more later,

Mermaid Adella

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Mermaids Against Pollution

I have started my own Kickstarter in an effort to get the awareness up about pollution in our Great Lakes and Oceans. This is the URL where you can go and read my reasons why I am doing this, what the money will go towards, and to learn all about Kickstarter as well.

Remember Pollution will eventually harm each and everyone of us. It may kill the fish, and then what will we have on our plates when we go to a sushi resturant??? Pollution will create all the lakes to be deemed "unswimmable". And much much more.

You dont have to pledge anything if you can't or don't want to. All I ask is that you get the link out into the world that way you can help me start my photo portfolio so I can get awareness up about Pollution in Lakes, Rivers and Oceans.


Mermaid Adella



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Got my Pictures from Treasured Images

Hello everyone and every mer,

yesterday I got a message from Treasured Images saying that my photos from the shoot were done and ready to be picked up. I called Lisa and she said that they were beautiful and I couldn't wait to rush right over there and get them.

They are beautiful, they did an excellent job. For once in my life, I am very VERY happy that I look so photogenic and beautiful (also been a little self concious). Here's a sneek peek of some of the photos, otherwise you can go to my profile and view the pictures in the photo album.
Aren't they great??

Anyways, just thought I would share it will all of you, my friends, collegues, family, and fans.

Fin on,

Mermaid Adella

Monday, October 1, 2012

Still waiting.....


so after this weekend I am happy to report that not only does my family like the mermaid thing, but my boyfriend does as well. My brother gave me the biggest compliment stating that any aquarium, zoo, or big event that would hire me to be a mermaid for them would have the best looking mermaid with the best skills. (okay, so I know my brother was being polite and blowing smoke out his ....well ya, but still it made me feel good). And my boyfriend believes that I have a nitche here in Michigan that no one else has filled yet that gives me a notch up on the competition. He asked a very good question too...

"Who ever said that mermaid HAD to live in the ocean and salt water? NO ONE THATS WHO".

I love that man :)

I am still waiting to hear back from the local zoo, I hope that means that they are really considering having me next summer for a learning experience. But then again, my mother told me that the county is no longer funding the zoo and they are looking for backers. That would possibly make it harder for me to get in there and be a mermiad if there is no one funding the zoo. But I mean, come on, people love zoos, whose going to let it go to the bank?

Swim with fins,

Mermaid Adella

Friday, September 28, 2012

Possible gig

Hello all.

After my friend Mermaid Lexia had told me that there was a new aquarium opening up in her state and that she emailed them about if they wanted a mermaid, it inspired me to do the same in my own state. As far as I know, they are considering my friend Mermaid Lexia for the grand opening.

I sent an email to a zoo near me pitching them my business idea of having a mermaid there to teach the kids about the ocean, water pollution, and animals that live in the oceans. I hadn't recieved an email as of yet, but I am keeping my fins crossed. I think that it would be awesome to have kids look at me swimming and then learn about what pollution would do to the water. I am trying to come up with ideas for visuals for them to REALLY understand what pollution is and what it does to the water.

I am really excited and I hope that they like my idea. I am not really looking to make a fortune by doing this. I just love to swim, I want to teach children about what throwing things in the water can do, and also just for the fun of it all. Being a mermaid, ya know? Anyways I am hoping that I hear from them soon that way I can create a full proof business proposal to pitch to them with visuals and everything. I am aiming for next summer to do this, so I do have some time. Unless, of course if they wanted to try it out now (winter time is a slow time for the zoo so they do a lot of promotions to get kids and visitors in).

Keep on swimming,

Mermaid Adella

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My PhotoShoot

I had a photoshoot on Lake Michigan last Saturday. And not the water was not cold :) Actually, the air was colder since the wind was blowing. My photographer was Jeff Blanzy of Treasured Images by Jeffery. Here is his website....

He is the only underwater photographer in Michigan and he is WELL worth it.

I have only ever had my picture taken a few times by a professional and they always had something to say about how I look too stiff, I need to smile more, I need to be more creative with my poses and blah blah blah blah blah....

But Jeff and Lisa were amazing in the respect that they understood that I was nervous and didn't know how to pose correctly until I became more relaxed. Jeff suggested a few poses and once I became comfortable and let the waves crash over me (literally), I started suggesting a few poses of my own. Soon it really felt like "my photo shoot".

Jeff is well worth the time to look up if you are looking for family pictures, senior pictures, wedding/engagement pictures, or just something to have in a portfolio. Just keep him in mind.

Till then, heres now,

Mermaid Adella

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello everyone (and merfolk). My name is Mermaid Adella. And yes I am a mermaid. I have a pink tail with a large dolphin like fluke. I mostly reside in lakes, not the ocean, although I would love to go to the ocean. I recently had a photoshoot with a local photographer out on Lake Michigan. It was amazing! He also invited me to be his special guest and help teach the kids about water pollution and helping keep our ocean creatures and fish alive. Happily, I accepted his offer.

This is my hello, how are you, and welcome blog page for me to you :) I can't wait to tell you about my journey as a traveling mermaid telling kids and other people about water pollution.

Till then, here's now.
Mermaid Adella