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What little girl wouldn't want a Mermaid for entertainment at her birthday party? Or maybe you need an entertainer/teacher to teach your students/kids about pollution and how it harms animals and the environment?

Well look no further. As a Mermaid, I love to talk to children about what pollution does to our planet and animal friends. I will bring in demonstrations and pictures and be prepared with all the facts about pollution.

As far as birthday parties, don't have a pool? No problem I do "dry" events too. If you have a pool that's great! But it's not a necessity. Kids love to see mermaids, whether they are swimming or just letting them touch their tail while sitting on the ground. I will bring shells, and "Mermaid Stones" and "Mermaid jewels" to show and possibly give to some of the kids. I am always enthralled by the questions that children ask me as being a mermaid. I get a kick out of the birthday parties as much as the kids just listening to the kids ask me questions.

My rates are resonable, especially since living in Michigan we really only have one opportunity during the summer to swim around. But...if you are able to book a birthday party/event at a recreation center and would like me to swim around with or for the kids, that is A.O.K in my book.

Right now, I am working specifically in Michigan. My rates are as follows.


$80.00 for the first hour and an additional $15 for every hour after

that includes swimming with the kids (if a pool is available), question time, letting them touch the tail and anything I bring to show them (shells, "Mermaid Stones & Jewels" etc) special attention to the birthday child, and picture time with individual kids and a group shot.

If this is an event:
$80.00 for the first hour and an additional $15 for every hour after

This includes teaching the kids about pollution and what it can do to animals and the environment with pictures of me caught in pollution, real facts, demonstrations (the kids will help and its all harmless), picture time with kids, individual and group shot, swimming if at a pool, question time, showing Mermaid jewels and Mermaid Stones as well as sea shells, touching my tail and everything that I bring, and a chance to win a free visit from me at their birthday party.

If you have any questions or would like to book something please email me at

Thank you and happy swimming :D

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