Sunday, February 9, 2014

Exciting news!

Exciting news!

Greetings followers,

I have won the Fish out of Water Scholarship created by Mermaid Eva and Mermaid Jessica !!!! I am lucky enough to get a full silicone tail custom made for me in any color and style I would desire!!!

This is a big deal as my first silicone tail had a few issues, such as it was too large for me and therefore when i swam, it would fall down and create unslightly wrinkles. But now I will have one that will fit correctly as well as be in any color scheme that I want :)

here is my idea.

I appologize that it is turned sideways lol. But that is my color scheme that I would love to have. I haven't figured out what the body of my tail will look like, but the fluke...oh the perfect :)

I had a photo shoot yesterday that was so much fun. I am a northern mermaid and therefore did a photo shoot in the snow. I am not sure how they turned out but when i was sitting at the bottom of the snow bank, the snow bank was over my head. So that must have been at least 3 ft of snow!

I am getting all geared up for the up and coming Mid winter gathering of the Brethren court on the 22nd. The Shiver Me Timbers event is where the brethren court gets together and has a good time and of course the mermaids in the mermaid lagoon will be there. I will make sure to get pictures of all of the mermaids :)

My silicone tail from Mermaid Jessica won't be started yet until March, but as long as I have her permission I will be adding updates here as well so all of you can see how wonderful creative she is. Have a great day