Friday, September 28, 2012

Possible gig

Hello all.

After my friend Mermaid Lexia had told me that there was a new aquarium opening up in her state and that she emailed them about if they wanted a mermaid, it inspired me to do the same in my own state. As far as I know, they are considering my friend Mermaid Lexia for the grand opening.

I sent an email to a zoo near me pitching them my business idea of having a mermaid there to teach the kids about the ocean, water pollution, and animals that live in the oceans. I hadn't recieved an email as of yet, but I am keeping my fins crossed. I think that it would be awesome to have kids look at me swimming and then learn about what pollution would do to the water. I am trying to come up with ideas for visuals for them to REALLY understand what pollution is and what it does to the water.

I am really excited and I hope that they like my idea. I am not really looking to make a fortune by doing this. I just love to swim, I want to teach children about what throwing things in the water can do, and also just for the fun of it all. Being a mermaid, ya know? Anyways I am hoping that I hear from them soon that way I can create a full proof business proposal to pitch to them with visuals and everything. I am aiming for next summer to do this, so I do have some time. Unless, of course if they wanted to try it out now (winter time is a slow time for the zoo so they do a lot of promotions to get kids and visitors in).

Keep on swimming,

Mermaid Adella

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My PhotoShoot

I had a photoshoot on Lake Michigan last Saturday. And not the water was not cold :) Actually, the air was colder since the wind was blowing. My photographer was Jeff Blanzy of Treasured Images by Jeffery. Here is his website....

He is the only underwater photographer in Michigan and he is WELL worth it.

I have only ever had my picture taken a few times by a professional and they always had something to say about how I look too stiff, I need to smile more, I need to be more creative with my poses and blah blah blah blah blah....

But Jeff and Lisa were amazing in the respect that they understood that I was nervous and didn't know how to pose correctly until I became more relaxed. Jeff suggested a few poses and once I became comfortable and let the waves crash over me (literally), I started suggesting a few poses of my own. Soon it really felt like "my photo shoot".

Jeff is well worth the time to look up if you are looking for family pictures, senior pictures, wedding/engagement pictures, or just something to have in a portfolio. Just keep him in mind.

Till then, heres now,

Mermaid Adella

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello everyone (and merfolk). My name is Mermaid Adella. And yes I am a mermaid. I have a pink tail with a large dolphin like fluke. I mostly reside in lakes, not the ocean, although I would love to go to the ocean. I recently had a photoshoot with a local photographer out on Lake Michigan. It was amazing! He also invited me to be his special guest and help teach the kids about water pollution and helping keep our ocean creatures and fish alive. Happily, I accepted his offer.

This is my hello, how are you, and welcome blog page for me to you :) I can't wait to tell you about my journey as a traveling mermaid telling kids and other people about water pollution.

Till then, here's now.
Mermaid Adella