Monday, November 19, 2012


Unfortnuately, as most of you know, my kickstarter was unsuccessful. But! I have recently started a indigogo campagin. Please check out the link below. And if you can't give some support as far as a donation, please give your support and share the link with others that might.

I am looking to get a tail that is professionally done out of silicone (not latex as some children are allergic to it). I have an event coming up in January and I am worried that I will not get one for it. Which is fine, there will be more events  I am sure, but  I would be the happiest little mermaid if it was possible. :)

So please, take a look, donate, and/or share if all possible.

Thank you my little mer and human friends


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feet to Fins swim meet :)

Hello, last night I met with my photographer and we decided that since we are impatient and wanting to do a "meet n greet" with the local kids, we are hosting an event at the local high school pool in January 2013. We are going to charge for the kids to come in (adults are free) and they get to swim, learn, and take home gifts as well as pictures of the event. It was a collaboration between myself and my photographer Jeff and Lisa. We are certainly pround and overly excited about this. Jeff is working on the flyer right now ( i think lol) and I am going to go home after work and start working on painting so I can paint a new tail and bathing suit to match (hopefully). I want to call the "meet n greets" something catchy almost do an annual or quarterly event and call it the same thing just so kids and parents know what it is and who it is just by the title. I am looking for helpful suggestions but I really like "Feet 2 Fins" just because kids will walk in with feet but by the time they are done, they will want fins or feel like they have them. Any suggestions are welcome as long as they are appropriate for my blog and for children. That was mostly it :) I will also be starting another kickstarter soon, so keep a watchful eye open for that. This one is a little different though. I need help raising money for a professional tail. I have had to fix mine a few times now and I am hoping that it will at least hold for this event in January.
keep on swimming,

Mermaid Adella

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prayers and Wishes


Most of us know this saying/rhyme... if not

it comes from the movie "V for Vendetta"

but today it has a whole new meaning for me. My cousin's girlfriend went into the hospital yesterday because they believe that she had a stroke. Now, she turned 26 today and they believe that she has a blood clot on her brain. I feel so sad for her. Especially having to spend her birthday in a hospital and not even knowing if it is a blood clot for sure and what they can/can't do about it. My cousin is a wreck. He is so worried about losing her (they have been together for 8 years.) He wants answers, we want answers, and we all want them to be good ones. So all we can do is to pray. And I hope that any (if at all) of my followers and readers of this blog, will pray for her. Her name is Sarah.

I am also praying that my wishes come true about this event in April for me. Tomorrow night I am meeting with my photographer to discuss how much we should charge as a team. So I am just wishing that it all falls into place.

Please pray for Sarah thats all I ask