Sunday, September 15, 2013

Long time no see :)

Hello my fellow readers/fans/followers,

I apologize sincerely for not posting sooner, but everything has been CRAZY on this mermaids end. Now that summer is officially done in my area of the world, things have calmed down enough to where I can sit down and enjoy writing in my blog. Yay.

New things:

I was interviewed on our local news station about the pirate festival and mermaids. I had some of my pirate friends with me to help me out (since it was my first TV show appearance). It was amazing; the host of the show was so sweet and (ironically) her daughter has a mermaid tail made by 2 Fins and was on the show because she was excited to meet me. Excited to meet me! I was so honored. I didn't have my silicone tail (it was attempted delivery the saturday before my TV appearance, but the mail lady didn't even bring it to my house...grrr) so I wore my fabric tail and then went to the post office to collect my long awaited full silicone tail :) Here is a picture from the TV studio.

TV studio Picture

After the TV appearance I went and picked up my new silicone tail :) The link I will post is one of the pictures of me first trying it on. I didn't have it pulled up all the way just for the sake of it took a lot of my energy to put it on.

My New Silicone Tail

After all this is was time for the Pirate festival and I was happy to meet other mermaids and play in the lagoon. We had a lot of fun entertaining the kids and seeing some of the pirates walking around. I can't wait to do it next year. I will post the link to my page so you can view all of the photos taken at the Pirate Festival. You'll see a range in pictures from all the mermaids at the lagoon, to pirates posing with the beautiful mermaids, Jack Sparrow hanging with us (and Jack giving me a kiss on the cheek ) As well as our wonderful MerTender who've we have dubed as "L. Silver", there is a funny picture of our mermaid cart and myself seated in it. The story was I learned that I could slap him with my fluke and I started saying "yah!". There are also pictures from the Coast Guard Parade where we had a giant ship where the pirates stood and I was in the bed of the truck waving to people. I also had a debut as a singing mermaid to over 80+ kids. Those are just some of the pictures that you will see in this link.

Pirate Festival photo album

And finally, I have video from my very first long swim in my new silicone tail. And here is the link you can watch it at.

Mermaid's wear goggles too

Thanks for reading, I will be sure to keep track of this blog now more since mermaid-ing season has ended. If any of these pictures or video links don't work...please let me know.

Keep on swiming

Mermaid Adella

Friday, May 31, 2013

Look I'm Back!

Hello everyone,

sorry for the delay in posting and all that. A lot has happened in the recent months. I traveled down south to a warmer state for a while and had a chance to swim in a natural spring with another mermaid. We created a video and posted it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I will give you think link so you can watch our successful swim :)

But now I am back home and some new things are going on. I have been organizing with the Michigan Pirate Festival and the Brethren Court of the Great Lakes and I am going to be the newest mermaid at the festival in August. But now they also want me at the Tall Ships 2013 event in Bay City! I am actually going to meet with everyone tomorrow (Saturday) to discuss details and everything that needs to be settled.

Upon other news, I have ordered my full silicone mermaid tail! I should have it sometime this month once production picks up and supplies have arrived at my tail maker. Once I have my new tail I will be sure to post pictures as well as a link to my review of the tail. But that is something that will happen after I get it. As far as I know, I will have my tail before these two festivals with the pirates.

In other news, I am planning to do some massive construction of a few things. These are going to be big projects that will take some time and in order to keep it on the down low, no trade secrets will be reveled. I will, however, post pictures of the finish project. I plan on making/buying a pool or tank that mermaids can swim in and viewers can see either 360 degrees or 180 degrees. I also plan to make a lot of other scenery items, such as rocks to sit on, rock pools that are light enough to carry around but can be filled with water. Customizable umbrellas for shade and decorations. Those are a few things on my list to accomplish here (possibly for the 2014 festivals).

Keep swimming and I will post more from now on I swear :)