Monday, November 5, 2012

Prayers and Wishes


Most of us know this saying/rhyme... if not

it comes from the movie "V for Vendetta"

but today it has a whole new meaning for me. My cousin's girlfriend went into the hospital yesterday because they believe that she had a stroke. Now, she turned 26 today and they believe that she has a blood clot on her brain. I feel so sad for her. Especially having to spend her birthday in a hospital and not even knowing if it is a blood clot for sure and what they can/can't do about it. My cousin is a wreck. He is so worried about losing her (they have been together for 8 years.) He wants answers, we want answers, and we all want them to be good ones. So all we can do is to pray. And I hope that any (if at all) of my followers and readers of this blog, will pray for her. Her name is Sarah.

I am also praying that my wishes come true about this event in April for me. Tomorrow night I am meeting with my photographer to discuss how much we should charge as a team. So I am just wishing that it all falls into place.

Please pray for Sarah thats all I ask

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